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How to Teach Your Children to Respect Their Pets

Creating a healthy relationship between your children and your pets is an important step to fostering a happy home. Here are some ways you can teach your children to respect their pets:

  • Teach your children how pets communicate. Pets communicate differently than humans. Show your children how your dog or cat communicate their needs so that your child can better understand them. This will help your child learn to pick up cues such as tail wagging or growling.
  • Teach your children how to respect boundaries. Pets have boundaries just like humans. Pets need alone time and need space when they are eating or trying to sleep. Help your children learn the appropriate times to play or snuggle with their pet.
  • Teach your child how to play appropriately with their pet. Some pets love to roll around and ‘roughhouse’ with their humans. Other pets prefer to run around and some even prefer to just snuggle. However your pet likes to play, ensure your child knows how to respect their pet while they play.