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Keeping It Clean

Keeping It Clean

Walk Your Dog…with Waste Bags

Walking without waste bags means leaving a mess in your neighborhood. People often make excuses for leaving their pet waste. However, most of us have a level of annoyance when we either “step in it” or deal with it on our own property.

Here are a few facts to remember:

    • Dog waste bags cost an average of six cents each on Amazon or even in pet stores. It’s a small price to pay for a clean neighborhood and good relationships.
    • If you leave your doggie droppings, remember that someone has to clean it up eventually. Taking care of your pet means taking care of their waste.
  • If everyone left their droppings around, everyone would be “stepping in it” – and it wouldn’t take too long for everyone to notice.
  • One reason you should clean up as you go has to do with lawn care. One lawn specialist noted:

“In addition to nitrogen burn, dog poop can kill your grass in a more roundabout way: It can cause lawn fungus to grow. Many fungal lawn diseases will kill your lawn if they have a chance to spread.”

Walk your dog with waste bags, pick it up as you go, and everyone will appreciate the effort you’ve made. Being a true dog lover includes neighborhood care and concern.