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Wet Pets (A Winter Challenge)

Wet Pets (A Winter Challenge)

If you live in a winter-wet climate, you know the frustration of letting your pet outdoors only to have them return wet, muddy, and messy. Suddenly, you are cleaning your floors, clothes, and couches.

Here are some simple tricks and tips to help manage your wet, winter pets.

    It may seem logical, but many pet owners have never placed a designated towel by their door(s) for this purpose. Having a towel ready for cleaning those paws and coats can reduce frustrations substantially.
    A number of companies now make animal-safe wipes for cleaning and deodorizing. These are a great compliment to the towel. The towel is primarily for drying off the wet, but the wipes actually clean your pet’s coat. Using the pet wipe first will remove any mud and mess while the towel will provide moisture control.
    Many pet owners know the frustration of using wipes and towels, but not having a designated mat for cleaning and drying. A designated floor mat just inside your door can also become an important training tool. Train your pet to come in from the rain and to stay on the mat.
    As is true with almost all training, a healthy treat is a great way to train your pet for your desired behaviors. When they come back in, stop on the matt, and allow you to clean and dry them…a good reward will support good behaviors.

The winter can be messy, but it can also be managed. Don’t let a wet winter cause frustrations. Set yourself up for success and enjoy the season together.